Figgs Male Enhancement bering, probably, how Magalhaens had been slain, ordering them to break all the arrows aimed at them. While Mr Winter was trying to repair his string, an arrow shot by one of the savages pierced his lungs, but he did not fall. On this the master gunner levelled his caliver a sort of Figgs Male Enhancement blunderbuss but it missed fire, and before he could shoot it off two savages, taking sure aim at him, killed him on the spot. Many other natives had by this time made their appearance, and were coming on with threatening gestures, when the Admiral, taking the gunner s piece, fired it at the native who had killed him, and as it had been Figgs Male Enhancement loaded with bullets and small shot, it tore open his belly. The tremendous roars he uttered, equalling that of ten bulls together, so appalled his companions Figgs Male Enhancement that they took to flight. Drake, unwil.ling Figgs Male Enhancement further to injure them, allowed them to escape, and had Captain Winter, to whom he was greatly attached, conveyed down to the boat, leaving the body of the gunner behind. Mr Winter, however, was too severely injured to recover, and died the following day Figgs Male Enhancement Figgs Male Enhancement on board his ship. That night a boat was again sent on shore with a number of men well armed. Here they disc

overed the body of the gunner Figgs Male Enhancement lying where he had fallen, with his coat wrapped up to form a pillow, and an English arrow stuck in his right eye, showing, as it was conjectured, that the natives had no wish to be on hostile terms with their visitors. He and Mr Winter were buried together, close to powerzen male enhancement the spot where the Spanish captain was supposed to Figgs Male Enhancement have died. Drake was greatly grieved at the loss of his friend Figgs Male Enhancement Winter and Figgs Male Enhancement his gunner, but he had a still gre. ater anxiety on his Figgs Male Enhancement mind from the reports he received of the conduct of one whom he had considered his friend, Mr Thomas Doughty. His conduct in appropriating the gifts made to him by the Portuguese prisoners was reprehensible, but it was now found that he was plotting a mutiny to kill the Admiral or to supersede him in the command, intending to carry off some of the squadron, and to sail on what are the main ingredients in male enhancement pills a muscular male enhancement different venture. So strong was the evidence brought Figgs Male Enhancement of the nefarious designs of Doughty, that the Admiral was compelled to summon together forty of the eroxin male enhancement reviews principal officers. By these, he sitting as president, Doughty cianix tablet male enhancement Figgs Male Enhancement was found guilty, and was condemned either to suffer death, to be left on shore among the savages, or to be sent ho

Figgs Male Enhancement

Figgs Male Enhancement me as a prisoner in one of the vessels, with a full statement of his trial, to be dealt with as.her Majesty the Queen might think proper the choice of which punishment he would suffer was offered him. Rather than undergo the shame of being sent home, or to Figgs Male Enhancement endure the wretched fate which would have been his lot among the savages some days being allowed him to decide he resolved, after fully acknowledging his guilt, notwithstanding the persuasions of his friends to the contrary, to select the first alternative offered, desiring Figgs Male Enhancement only that he might take the communion with the Admiral, as a token that he died at peace with him and all men. Strange as it may seem, the sacred ordinance having been celebrated by Figgs Male Enhancement Mr Francis Fletcher, the preacher and pastor of the fleet, he dined at the same table as the Admiral, both appearing cheerful and drinking to each other as if only some journey had been in contemplation. dinner he was led forth, and entreating those around to pray for him, he kneeled down and bade the executioner perform his office. The stern justice meted out on a gentlemen and an officer who had hitherto been highly esteemed, Figgs Male Enhancement had no doubt a great effect in d

eterring others who might have Figgs Male Enhancement contemplated any mutinous proceedings. He was staminon male enhancement taken on shore and buried where Don Luis de Mendoza was supposed to lie in a grave close to those of Mr Winter and best male enhancement pills 2016 men with big loads the gunner. This painful duty performed, and other matters arranged, the Mary , the Figgs Male Enhancement Portuguese prize, being in Figgs Male Enhancement a leaky state, she was best over the counter male enhancement run on shore near the island on which, for the two months of their stay, Figgs Male Enhancement their tents had been pitched. Here her planks Figgs Male Enhancement were stripped off, and divided amongst the other three ships, which dr oz natural male enhancement pills now constituted the whole squadron, besides the p. innaces which Figgs Male Enhancement were still on board. Having wooded, watered, and thoroughly repaired their vessels, the explorers sailed from this Port Accursed, as some of the seamen called it, on the 17th of August, and again steered southward. On the 20th