Blue Fusion Male Enhancement gress. On the 18th of June they first fell in with icebergs, flying amid which were numberless petrels, kittiwakes, tarns, and other winged inhabitants of the northern regions. Some of these bergs, of which fifty were seen at a time, were of great size. The heavy southern swell das.hed the loose ice with tremendous force Blue Fusion Male Enhancement against them, sometimes raising a cloud of white spray, which Blue Fusion Male Enhancement broke over their tops to Blue Fusion Male Enhancement the height of more than a hundred feet, accompanied by a loud noise, resembling distant thunder. As the Hecla was drifting on with a southerly current, she was nearly nipped by a detached floe, which drove her against a berg aground, one hundred and forty feet high, where the depth of water was one hundred and Blue Fusion Male Enhancement twenty fathoms, so that its whole height must have exceeded eight hundred Blue Fusion Male Enhancement feet. Parry at first attempted to force his way north and west, amid the masses of ice, in the Blue Fusion Male Enhancement direction of Lancaster Sound but as the vessels were sailing on, the floes suddenly closed round them, and on the 25th both were so completely beset

max size male enhancement reviews that it was impossible to turn their heads in any direction. Here th. ey were fixed, though in no danger, until the morning 7 11 male enhancement pills of the second day, male sexual boosters when the violence of the sea loosening the ice, it was driven against the ships sides with such force that, had they not been strongly built, they would probably have been destroyed. At this time, from the crow s nest, upwards of eighty eight enormous icebergs were seen, besides many smaller ones. The vessels being at Blue Fusion Male Enhancement Blue Fusion Male Enhancement Blue Fusion Male Enhancement length freed, Lieutenant Parry came to the resolution fast working male enhancement pills of abandoning the attempt to reach Lancaster Sound by a direct best natural erection pills course, and instead steered northward along the border of the great ice field, in the hopes of finding open water farther to the north. He steered on that course until Blue Fusion Male Enhancement Blue Fusion Male Enhancement he reached latitude 73 degrees, when he resolved upon making a determined push to the westward. A favourable breeze springing up, the ships stood o. n among the detached floes, through which they Blue Fusion Male Enhancement were warped by securing ice anchors with hawsers to the more solid pieces ahead. Before they had

Blue Fusion Male Enhancement

made much progress, a thick fog came on, which prevented the open lanes Blue Fusion Male Enhancement ahead being seen. Still they continued to make way, sometimes dangerously beset by masses of ice yet by persevering efforts, they first got into one lane, then into another, till, the fog clearing, they saw only one long floe separating them from the open sea. The ice saws were Blue Fusion Male Enhancement therefore set to work, and with great labour cutting through the floe, they had the satisfaction of seeing the shore clear of ice extending out before them. They now steered for Lancaster Sound, and on the 30th of July they gained its entrance. Blue Fusion Male Enhancement As they sailed on, under a press of canvas, westward, the mast heads were crowded Blue Fusion Male Enhancement by.officers and men, eagerly looking out to ascertain if the Blue Fusion Male Enhancement supposed mountain barrier lay across their course. The sound continued open, and it was calculated that the two shores were Blue Fusion Male Enhancement still thirteen leagues apart, without the slightest appearance of land to the westward. Again and again a report was received from aloft that all was clear ahead, and the explo

rers began to flatter themselves that they had fairly entered the polar sea. Several headlands were passed, and wide openings to the north and south. With a strong breeze from the eastward, running on until midnight, they found themselves in latitude 83 degrees 12 minutes, nearly one hundred and fifty miles from the entrance of the sound, which was fully fifty miles in breadth. The Griper , which had fallen astern, joining Blue Fusion Male Enhancement the Hecla , they male enhancement ad john cougar mellencamp together reached latitu. de 86 degrees 30 minutes, when two other inlets how much for vxl male enhancement were discovered, and named Burnet and Stratton and then Blue Fusion Male Enhancement a bold headland, to Blue Fusion Male Enhancement which the name of Fellfoot was given. A blue chew male enhancement reviews lengthened swell rolling in from the north and west, gave them black snake male enhancement reviews hopes that they had now really reached the wide expanse of the polar basin, and that nothing would stop their progress to Icy Cape, the western boundary of America. Blue Fusion Male Enhancement Blue Fusion Male Enhancement While their hopes were at the highest bravado male enhancement customer service land ahead was seen, but it proved only to be a small island. Very soon afterwards more land was seen, with a Blue Fusion Male Enhancement broad inlet, named Maxwell Bay.