Best Penis Enlargement Pills more fortunate in obtaining refreshments. As the ship approached the island the Best Penis Enlargement Pills boat was sent along the shore to sound, for the purpose of discovering good anchorage ground. While the ship was standing off the shore about a dozen canoes came off, bringing a small quantity of flying fish. These the natives willingly exchanged for beads but Best Penis Enlargement Pills Captain Schouten, deeming it unwise to allow them to come alongside, Best Penis Enlargement Pills ordered them under the stern, when the exchange was made by means of a rope, the beads being let down and the fish hauled up. The savages, having disposed.of their fish, paddled away for the Unity s boat, which was engaged in sounding. Getting up to her, they suddenly made an attempt to board, but their intention being perceived, they were met with so warm a reception from the Dutchmen s guns, pikes, and cutlasses, that two were killed, and the rest were glad to hurry away as fast as they could. The shores of this island were composed of black cliffs with green summits, and numbers of cocoa Best Penis Enlargement Pills nut trees growing on them. Several huts were seen scattered about, Best Penis Enlargement Pills and at one place there was a large village, close to a shelving beach. As no convenient anchorage

was found, Captain Schouten now stood away to the south west, hoping to discover the great southern land of which he was in search. At length, however, on the 18th of May, being in latitude 16 degrees 5 minutes south. , and Best Penis Enlargement Pills at least one thousand six hundred leagues westward of the coast of Peru, without having seen any signs of a continent, Captain Schouten called his officers together, and observed that if they continued on their present course they would reach the southern side of New Guinea, and that if they were unable to find a passage how can you increase sperm volume beyond Best Penis Enlargement Pills that country, either to the west or north, they would inevitably be lost, Best Penis Enlargement Pills as it would be impossible for rhino 7 male enhancement pills them to get back, in consequence of the east ed treatments that really work winds Best Penis Enlargement Pills which prevailed in those seas. He proposed, therefore, that they should now alter their course to the northward, Best Penis Enlargement Pills so as to fall in supplements for penis health with the north side of Best Penis Enlargement Pills lifeforce libido natural male enhancement reviews New Guinea. Had he continued on he would Best Penis Enlargement Pills have fallen in with the group of islands now called the New Hebrides, and afterwards probably have become the discoverer of New South Wales. and perhaps have Best Penis Enlargement Pills made his way through Torres Straits, between New Holland and New Guinea, which had a short time before been di

Best Penis Enlargement Pills

scovered by Luis Vaez de Torres. It must be remembered, however, that at this Best Penis Enlargement Pills period the whole of the vast Best Penis Enlargement Pills region to the south of the East Indian Archipelago was totally unknown to the civilised world. Le Maire and the other officers willingly agreed to this proposal, and the course was accordingly shaped to north north west. Before long they fell in with another island, but could only get within a league of it, Best Penis Enlargement Pills when they were visited by two canoes, some of the people in them being allowed to come on board. The natives had not been long in Best Penis Enlargement Pills the ship before, one of them carrying off a Best Penis Enlargement Pills shirt, the whole leapt back into their Best Penis Enlargement Pills canoes, and then began shouting and threatening to throw their spear.s. To show them their folly some muskets were discharged, by which two of the unfortunate savages were killed, while the rest made off at a rapid rate. It strikes one that the Dutchmen were apt to fire unnecessarily at the savages but then again it must be remembered that the latter were so ignorant of the power of firearms that unless the pieces were shotted they only laughed at the senseless noise, and that they hurled their spears with such unerring aim that some of

the Best Penis Enlargement Pills Dutchmen might male enhancement free samples have been killed had they not employed the means of defence in their power. Notwithstanding the death of these two savages, some more canoes came off on the 22nd from another part of the island, apparently with peaceable intentions, bringing cocoa nuts, roots, and roasted hogs, which they bartered for knives, beads, and nails. The. y were, however, 100 natural male enhancement quite as well versed in stealing as their countrymen. Best Penis Enlargement Pills Their huts in considerable numbers were seen along the shore, the roofs being conical and covered with leaves. As Captain Schouten here found a good place for watering, he detained six of the erect plus islanders on board, and penis traction extender sent three of his own people as hostages to the King, who treated them with great respect and presented them with four hogs, giving also strict Best Penis Enlargement Pills orders to his people not to interfere with the boat while watering. The natives stood in great awe of him. One of them having stolen a cutlass, and a complaint being made to one of his officers, the thief was pursued and soundly thrashed, Best Penis Enlargement Pills besides being compelled to make restitution. The officer signified that it was well for the culprit that Best Penis Enlargement Pills penis pumps for enlargement the King did not know of his crime, for had Best Penis Enlargement Pills t