Alphaxl experience, who are going to seek Alphaxl their fortunes in the Filipinas at his Majesty s expense and they deprive the citizens of their offices. Information is given, by a letter from the fiscal of t.he Filipinas, that but one pilot is sufficient for the ships that the troops should be under the command of the captain or master of the ship, without increase of salary to said captain or master. Thus the aforesaid officers of the Alphaxl troops may be dispensed with, and one gunner suffices for each piece Alphaxl or every Alphaxl two pieces of artillery. Sixth Point The losses of ships which have been employed in the Filipinas trade, and the cause thereof. Through news brought by the ship Santa Potenciana in the year 601, it seems that the ships San Geronimo, and Santa Margarita, which sailed in the year 600, lost their masts in a storm and the Santa Margarita drifted to Alphaxl the island of the Ladrones, and the Alphaxl San Geronimo to Luzon, near Catanduanes. Both were driven ashore in February, 601, without being able to save themselves. This loss is.attributed by some to disagreement among the officers, and by others to the late sailing of the ships, and to

a lack of Alphaxl Alphaxl sailors, and what is more nearly correct to the general overloading of the vessels. The ship Santo Tomas was lost also on the voyage out, near the channel at Catanduanes the hulk was lost with some supplies, small wares, and two millions or more of silver, besides the 500,000 pesos which were allowed to be carried. Seventh Point What property may be taken to the Filipinas, and where it goes. By the sixth point it appears that in the ship Sant Tomas alone, which was lost at the entrance of Catanduanes, there were over two millions besides the 500,000 pesos best natural male enhancement foods allowed. This and all else which Alphaxl is carried is placed in the power of the infidels, who receive it as the price of the Chinese merchandise and it c. an therefore increase semen amount what is the best medecine for male enhancement be returned neither to the Indias nor to these kingdoms. Silks, damasks, taffetas, needlework, hand mills, cotton stuffs, blue rhino liquid male enhancement Alphaxl earthenware, wax, nails, and other merchandise of little profit are carried best male enhancement pills study to those regions, thereby depriving his Majesty of his Alphaxl dues. Eighth Point The discontent of all the islands, on account Alphaxl of depriving them of the profits which might Alphaxl be had from the purchase of this merchan


dise and the lading of it which his Majesty has granted, by his decrees, to the citizens of Alphaxl Peru and Nueva Espana. The citizens of the islands, except one here and there, are very poor. They wish to abandon the islands, as there are no means of gain or profit except in trade and commerce. They Alphaxl are deprived of this by the citizens of Mexico and Peru, who bring over a great quantity of money, with which they do.not hesitate to purchase merchandise at excessive prices. Then, in order to ship these goods, they Alphaxl hasten Alphaxl to pay high rates for the tonnage, and thus succeed in occupying the space which belongs to the citizens and when the latter ship their merchandise it is so little that it is not sufficient for their support. On the other hand, the Portuguese pass from Acapulco to China with their money, and do not return to Nueva Espana. They either remain there, sending cargoes therefrom, Alphaxl or Alphaxl they send merchandise to Portugal, by way of the ports where the Portuguese trade, thus defrauding the native born citizens of their rights. Ninth Point That the royal decrees prohibiting trade with the Filipinas are not observed, chiefl

y on account over the counter pills for ed of the opinion of Doctor Sacedo, a citizen of Mexico, that the violation of royal decrees inv. olves the penalty thereof, but is not a mortal sin. Thus the citizens of vigor xl powerful male enhancement and sexual aid Mexico may Alphaxl carry on commerce in the Filipinas, and those of the Filipinas may invest money which is sent to them, without burdening Alphaxl their consciences, or being obliged to make restitution. The opinion of Alphaxl Doctor Juan Alphaxl de Sacedo, a citizen of Mexico, Alphaxl replying to the decree of January 11, 93, states that this decree does not show clearly, and with the explicit statement necessary, that it was his Alphaxl Majesty s intention Alphaxl to bind strictly to an eternal punishment those can you really increase your penis size on whom he imposes a pecuniary penalty or that by its transgression are obligations to make restitution laid, in conscience, ipso jure non expectata judicis sententia , upon the people of Mexico who trade with the islands, or consign their property to citizens of Manila either goods sent in. exchange for the merchandise of what is the best male enhancement med to use the latter, or money which they remit to these although both of these are best test booster for libido prohibited. If these things are conceded, they make a profit and have the means of support.